About a year and a half ago, I was given the privilege of examining, photographing and writing about a pair of pistols given to George Washington by the Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolutionary War. I am pleased to say that the article is in this month’s issue of American Rifleman. This has been the most interesting writing project I have ever worked on. These pistols are indeed a national treasure, selling for close to two million dollars at an auction. They now reside in the Fort Ligonier museum, in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. The pistols stand out as a shining example of old world craftsmanship, but the meatier part of the story is about Lafayette and Washington. He (Lafayette) is one of the main reasons we were successful in the Revolutionary War. He became a national hero and years later visited the United States and went on a national tour. Sadly he is all but forgotten in these times. “Hands across time” is a concept I think of when examining an artifact. The artifact becomes a kind of touchstone to a past time period for me. I felt that connection keenly while examining those pistols. How quickly Americans for get their past heroes. See More


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