I spent a wonderful day working with the sixth grade class from Mahnomen Elementary school in western Minnesota the other day. Our subject: the Great Lakes Fur Trade.

The coordinator of the event gave me this kind comment: Thanks for everything mark! As always, the kids sure enjoy your visits.

Aimee Pederson

This was the display I set up.  Sixth graders need lost of visual aids
Another view of the visual aids, note the snowshoes toboggan, and stretched beaver hide.
Many of the items displayed I use–including the flintlock smoothbore.  It is a good example of the types of firearms traded to Native Peoples and is referred to as a Northwest Gun.  I have killed three deer with it and a number of grouse and grey squirrils.
A close up of my snowshoes.  they are Ojibway style and I use them almost every day during the winter months.  The toboggan is a modern one that has been modifies.  It is held together with rawhide strips.
This was a great group of kids!!  They were fun, engaged and asked a lot of questions!!

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