Hi, these articles represent some of what have written over the years.  Just click on  the one you want you read.  Please be patient, sometimes these PDF documents take time to load.  Thanks you for looking–have a great day!!


The Crucible of Pain (the death of James Boone)

River of No Return (the Battle of Blue Licks, the death of Israel Boone)

Faith of Daniel Part 1

Faith of Daniel Part 2

Faith of Daniel Part 3


Champion of a Lost Cause


Tecumseh and his North West Trade Gun


Fire on the Mountain (Simon Kenton’s life and conversion to Christ)


One Man Two Worlds (Part I)

Simon Girty II

Simon Girty III

Simon Girty IV

Simon Girty V

FRONTIER RELIGION: (see also The faith of Daniel Boone and Fire on the Mountain)

Incident at Red River


A journey Part I (The Northwest Trade Gun)

A journey Part II (The Northwest Trade Gun)

The Ghost Gun (The Carolina Gun–also referred to as the Type G Indian Trade Gun)

The Sheetz Rifle (The true story of the only surviving American longrifle of the Battle of New Orleans, published in American Rifleman)

In Search of the Common Rifle (the story of a local artifact)

A Fowler at Mount Vernon (a fowling piece possibly owned by George Washington)

One Butt Ugly Gun (a contemporary longrifle)

That is the Breaks (broken frontier firearms and how they were repaired, featuring a repair on one of my own)

Build a Short Barreled North West Trade Gun (a step-by-step description)


A Tale of the witch tree

A Tale of the witch tree 2012

Half Day History

Indian Tracks

Indian Tracks II

Quebec Run

Time Passages

In a Bark Canoe

Seven Days on the Water I

Seven Days on the Water II

Seven Days on the Water III

The Wrought Iron Barrel

Turbanology  (the history of turbans in Native American culture)

Building a Birch Bark Canoe (a step-by-step how to)


Through a Pipe (Grouse hunting with a flintlock smoothbore)

A Smoothbore in the Forest (A Minnesota black bear hunt)

Hunting Primitive (A wild boar hunt with a flintlock smoothbore)


The Sleeved or Linked Button

Interview with Mark Baker I

Interview with Mark Baker II

Mark-and-the-Moose (A real life moose encounter)

The Sleeved or Linked Button