“The RJEMS 6th grade students and teachers enjoyed the Fur Trade/1800’s presentation.  Mr. Sage had command of the group, brought the kids into the time period, and was a true teacher. It was a great culminating activity for some students, and a good anticipatory activity for others. We appreciated the all the materials brought in and wish we had time to explore more! Thanks for a blast!”

 Angela Stoczynski

6th grade teacher, Grand Rapids Middle School


“Dear Mark, Thanks you again for coming and teaching our kids!  They had so much fun!  I hope you consider doing it again!”

Explorations Home School Co-p[

Signed by all the teachers present

Spring 2017


“Thank you again!! It was an amazing presentation!!!”

Angela Axetel, event coordinator for the Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association

***A presentation on the life of Daniel Boone

and America’s Early Westward Movement ***

Spring 2017


“Thank you Mark for your outstanding presentation.

It was a highlight of our reunion.”

–Sam Compton, president of the Boone Society, June, 2016–

“What a great teacher Mark Sage was in presenting a program on Daniel Boone.  He had all kinds of teaching aids and displays arranged to show what size man Boone was and what kind of clothes he would have worn during this time period.  Especially interesting was the large map, showing the circumference that Boone traveled back in his day.”

Quoted from Barbara Lehmann in the Kenton Kin October 2010 newsletter


“Enjoyed your presentation on Daniel Boone. Wish it could have gone longer. Enjoyed talking with in the morning as well.”

Norman Arendt, CHS-III, CFEII, PhD

Safety Director / Homeland Security


From: Greg Rindal (Safety Director, Minnesota Power)

Subject: RE: Spirit Mountain

“Morning Mark, you did an excellent presentation Tuesday that held the audiences interest from beginning to end. I believe Gina would like to schedule you for the May conference as a concurrent session topic. She was so impressed this week that I believe she is going to send you something to recognize the outstand presentation you provided.  Please contact Gina and workout what time and day that would be best for the May conference. Please let Gina know what your customary fee for presenting Portals in Time is for the May conference.  I personally benefited from your presentation and know that perseverance is critical to future success.”