Over the years I have spoken in schools, churches, business and insurance conventions, historic sites and other public events. For this I utilize a combination of visual aids, presentation methods and personal interaction with the audience. So far the response has been both encouraging and gratifying!  Take a look at the testimonial part of this website.

The life of Daniel Boone (educational/entertaining)

This is a one hour presentation utilizing Power Point, artifacts and audience participation and is a poignant unveiling of Daniel Boone’s life and times as a market hunter, land speculator and his adventures on the Kentucky frontier of the 1730’s-1820’s are brought into clear focus. This also delves into his marriage and family life, his religious beliefs, idiosyncrasies, successes and failures. People have mentioned how they were deeply moved by Boone’s real life. Did you know that Boone was once tried for treason?

For this all I will need is an electrical outlet and a wall to project images from my LED projector.

Firearms on the 18th century frontier (including actual firing, if permitted). (educational/entertaining)

For this presentation I can actually load and fire a flintlock firearm. This all has to be arranged ahead of time. I bring a number of contemporary flintlock guns, as well as some artifacts and will thoroughly present the complete story of the American longrifle, how it works and how frontiersmen used them. If your insurance will allow it, I will also permit a participant from the audience to load and fire the gun. I am a trained firearms instructor and require people who do this to wear eye protection (I provide this.) I don’t know if it is the noise or smoke, but people love to watch this. Did you know that British officers during the American Revolution labeled the American longrifle the “widow maker?”

For this I will need a couple of long tables and if actual firing of bullets is to occur, I will need to be at a target range. If this is not possible, I can fire charges of black powder with no lead projectiles. Plan to burn 45 minutes to an hour or longer, depending on how many people might want to actually discharge the gun. This presentation is a real eye grabber when I am allowed to actually shoot. I remember being at a 4th of July event where I was so busy I literally had no time to eat for 8 hours.

Lessons from the life of Daniel Boone (motivational/educational)

Can we learn valuable lessons and insights to help us in the “information” age from a man who lived in pre-industrial revolution times?  Can an archaic man of the woods help us in the age of Technology?  You bet!  Learn five important lessons from the life of Daniel Boone that can make a difference in your work, family and personal life.  Daniel Boone suffered much in his lifetime. He outlived 7 of his ten children, his oldest son James was tortured and murdered. His next oldest son, Israel, was killed while trying to save his (Daniel’s) life and that is just the beginning. How he survived as a person in a time of amazing change can help us in our present circumstances. Did you know that Boone was born in a cabin and died in a mansion?

There is much to learn from the man who helped opened the American West.  Lessons in leadership, lessons in character development and lessons for dealing with life’s great disappointing moments.  This message can help people in all walks of life survive and thrive both at home and in the workplace and offers some “tools” to help build a better, more successful, meaningful life.

For this presentation I will need an electrical outlet and a wall to project images from a Power Point program.

Clothing on our 18th century frontier (educational/fun)

teaching_example5This is a very interactive and fun presentation that works well with school groups. I will take a person from the audience and dress them up as an 18th century frontiersman. I explain as I go along how men and women dressed 200+ years ago. I have found that this leaves a lasting impression on people and that they remember much of what they learn. I have run into students a year or two later who still remember much of what I have presented.




The birchbark Canoe shaped the history of North American.  Over the years I have

A.IMG_4041traveled hundreds of miles over lakes and rivers in my birchbark canoe.  This presentation brings to life the history and construction of this unique and significant water craft using a scaled down birch bark canoe, Power Point and a video of a birchbark canoe trip on Lake Superior in 2012.


History is viewed through a number of different lenses: political, economic, social, and even geographical. Religion has always had a tremendous impact on all the above, yet it never seems to get the attention it should. Most certainly Christianity has shaped the founding of our nation. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson did not want the fact he was president to be placed on his gravestone, but he did want it remembered that he helped establish freedom of religion in our Constitution and Bill Of Rights?

For this presentation I will conduct a service where the subject matter is taken from the lives of men and women of the frontier–like Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton and others.  I will be dressed like a simple frontier type of exhorter/preacher.

Here I am speaking at the Red River Meeting house in Logan county Kentucky, where the second “Great Awakening” began and where both American Christianity and America were forever changed.

Christ on the American Frontier

Here I will use a power point presentation and follow the history of the Christian Church from apostolic times through the first and second great awakenings.  During the second “Great Awakening” people gathered and met for large, outdoor meetings.  In August of 1801 a very large outdoor meeting was held at a place called “Cane Ridge.”  Estimates of attendance range from 10,000 to 25,000 people.  At that time the most populated town in Kentucky was Lexington and its population was only 1800.  At these meetings lives were changed and the ideal of “Camp Meeting” was born.  Many of our main line denominations grew to strength as a result of this “Awakening.”  Also, this “Awakening” became a catalyst for social reforms like the anti-slavery movement, prison reform, child labor laws, women’s rights, inner-city missions and more.


The old Cane Ridge Meeting house in now protected by a beautiful brick building.  Outside is the wife of a pastor I met on my visit.  Here, at this very spot, many, many lives were changed for the better during the days of our Westward expansion.

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  1. Mark,
    Thank you again to you for your leadership and dedication to make this event happen for America. We will keep going and retelling how we all came about being a great nation. Please thank all of the dedicated men and women that came with you and made this event a success.
    I am working hard in California to open Boone Pioneer School. I so look forward to having you in California for the dedication and opening of my life long dream to “Educate America”. Our children need to be well informed to take us in to the next century.
    God bless you,
    Nancy Eggert Boone

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